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Case study 1
Case study 1

Interim IT & Business Change Director

Established in 2006, Openwork are a multi-tied distribution company, with 450 staff supporting a netowrk of around 2,600 financial advisers.  These financial advisers use the Openwork services and systems in order to advise their clients on the most appropriate financial products such as investments, pensions, mortgages and insurance products.

Reporting to the COO, the role was to replace the departing incumbent for a 12 month period, and to achieve a number of objectives:

  • Introduce more stringent control over the IT development spend, which had been significantly over budget in the previous two years
  • Ensure greater involvement and ownership within the business for all aspects of business and IT change
  • Deliver the agreed programme of work within budget, timescales and to an acceptable quality to the business
  • Identify, recruit and coach a permanent replacement for the role

What we achieved

Introduced a customer focused “Portfolio Executive” responsible for prioritising, authorising and rejecting business change and service improvement initiatives.  The Portfolio Executive gave visibility to the sheer volume of change occurring in the organisation, which had resulted in the budget over-spend of the previous two years.  With the involvement of Directors and senior management at this meeting, we were able to ensure that approved projects were aligned with business objectives, and that each project had a clear business case.


Once the pipeline of work had been addressed, focus was turned to the project lifecycle, which was amended to include appropriate check-points for the Portfolio Executive on project progress.  The role of the PMO was strengthened to ensure that the right levels of control could be applied to the projects, and to monitor and control spending within approved budgets.  By the end of the year the approved projects had been delivered, and the volume of change significantly reduced, resulting in the IT development spend being within budget for the first time in the companies history.





Having identified the most appropriate candidate internally, worked with the COO to coach the individual, and introduce them to more senior management forums.  Over a period of time we transitioned the individual from managing the IT Service Delivery function to being Director of IT & Business Change, supporting him throughout the process, and assisting in a number of organisational changes.




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